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    Only qualifiers are verifiable income and background check.

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    Are you worried about Renter Credit? We can help.

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    One time purchase, seamless cloud-based software that is easy to use

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    We can repair your credit for you for a one time fee for credit repair services.

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    Are you interested in getting business credit? Don’t want to spend the high fee? No Problem.

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    Establish credit instantly with a 100% established credit business.

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    Guarantee Program

    We’ll Sign the Lease For You If you have a broken lease or credit issues and


    Agents & Owners

    Is Renter Credit a PROBLEM? Are you a real estate agent losing valuable time wo


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    Complete the application and when approved ,We will help you move in 7-10 days!

    Rent with Bad Credit with a Co Signer – How Does It Work?

    EZLeaseRentals actually signs the lease acting as a co signer for the renter without requiring the renter’s credit or rental history. The renter is able to rent with bad credit and is approved based upon income level.

    How Is This Opportunity Different?
    We only lease A and B+ rated properties. There are never credit checks. As co signers we help those who cannot pass credit requirements, regardless of the rent amount. Our leases range from $1,000 to $5,000 per month. Apartments, Homes and Condo can be leased with no credit check. Landlords are guaranteed payments during entire lease period. Realtors keep their commissions.

    Who Are We Able to Be a Co Signer for and Approve?

    If we can verify a renter’s income level through the VOE (Verification of Employment) process or tax returns for self-employed, then we can help those who cannot pass the credit requirements regardless of the amount of rent. That’s our promise, regardless of late payments, bad credit or broken lease you will be able to rent with bad credit. A renters income and criminal background check are our only qualifiers.

    Co Signer Services to help you and your family offered by EZ Lease Rentals.

    Rent with Bad Credit like 100′s of past clients

    Many of our clients tell us that this looks too good to be true, but when we hand them the keys, they become true believers. We have helped hundreds of families throughout the U.S.A.

    We can help you, but you must call first. Call Now:(855) 568-8562

    Our Business is Placing Credit Challenged Families in Houses, Condos and Apartments

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