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    Credit Problems


    Rent with bad credit

    Credit Keeping You From Renting?

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    Your credit can have all the setbacks that you are accustomed to hearing about such as getting approved for a home when you decide to buy, or pose some challenges when you go to purchase a car, get a loan from the bank or apply for a credit card. But, renting??? Yes! Absolutely!….

    Now, creditors are more cautious than ever. So, when going to apply for a rental property whether it is am apartment or a private rental, landlords and owners are looking at credit in addition to rental history.

    What they are looking for varies by the landlord or owner. Foreclosures can cause a big problem because it not only shows a history on your credit of delinquent payments related to housing, but foreclosures also impact your credit score negatively in a big way!

    EZ lease understands that today’s economy has given to the rise in foreclosures for many reasons including divorce, loss of job, medical reasons, or simply lack of proper disclosures by the banks and mortgage brokers when you first signed the paperwork to the loan.

    EZ Lease is committed to giving you a second chance.

    If you are employed and your income can be verified, EZ Lease’s legal team can complete the entire application process for you and allow you and your family to “live where you want to, not where you have to…”. EZ Lease offers a free consultation and application with you in mind.

    We only charge our fee to help you if we can. Call Today! (855) 568-8562 (Toll Free) or

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