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    Get an Apartment With an Eviction

    How to rent an apartment with an eviction

    Get an Apartment with an Eviction Fast

    Eviction is a process that no renter wants to face, let alone have on his record. An eviction on your record does not immediately condemn you to being unable to rent an apartment, as much depends on how far along in the eviction process you were, how the eviction is reported and how long ago it occurred. Time Frame A recent eviction, within the past year, can make a landlord more cautious about renting to you than an eviction that happened farther back.

    Time Factors to consider when looking for Apartments that Accept Evictions

    After seven years the eviction judgment is removed from your credit report, although it will still show up on a background check due to public records. The time frame that an eviction affects you can vary from landlord to landlord. Some landlords will always say no to a tenant with an eviction, while others are more sympathetic. Reporting Another eviction factor to consider is whether your lease agreement was terminated or if you went through the entire eviction process. If you left your previous apartment when you received the first written notice from your landlord, you will not have a judgment on your credit report. This notice is required in almost all states and not typically filed through the court system so the lease termination is not in the public record either. If you did go to court for the eviction or had a default judgment against you it shows up in public records and your credit report.

    EZ Lease will accept all evictions, and has been the best option when renting after eviction regardless of time.

    You are immediately black-listed from every landlord in the country, even in your state, when you are evicted, as technology is quick and landlords have access to more and more information quickly as court houses are also going off of paper files and increasingly becoming more efficient and electronic.

    The Best Way to Get Approved for an Apartment with an Eviction

    While you can’t go back in time to prevent your initial eviction, you can increase your chances of getting another rental property after eviction. If you have a money judgment against you from the original eviction, pay off the full amount to show your prospective landlords you take care of your financial responsibilities or if the evictions is ‘wrongful’, FIGHT IT!

    EZ Lease offers “second-chance” leases geared towards tenants who have gone through bankruptcy, eviction or both and really need a full proof way on how to get an apartment with an eviction on your credit. This type of lease agreement can have a higher rental payment, security deposit and pre-paid rent requirements to offset the risk the landlord is taking.
    If the landlord does not normally offer a lease agreement like this, EZ Lease will negotiate with the landlord or owner¬† to see how much they are willing to take upfront to rent to you. In addition to negotiating with the landlord or owner on your behalf, EZ Lease will also co-sign for the apartment with you to ensure to the landlord will get paid. But, it doesn’t stop there. EZ Lease will also provide a rental guarantee policy to the landlord to which the landlord may initiate a claim on should EZ Lease not meet their obligations or go out of business.

    The landlord may be more comfortable renting to you if he knows that he has the opportunity to collect any defaults from someone with a strong financial standing and they are insured against any losses and therefore be able to manage their risk appropriately.

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