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    No Credit Check Apartments

    We Know All Too Well the Heartache of Getting Declined Due to Credit at an Apartment or Getting Declined to Lease at a Rental Property.

    Simple Guaranteed Approval to A Rated Communities

    Our Second Chance program guarantees you approval only requirements are:

    • Your job is your credit – All 50 states!
    • Pass background check
    • Use our credit and financials to secure the property on your behalf
    • No monthly fees
    • Fee only if we can help you
    • A Rated Communities
    • $50 Application (Guarantees you approval or your money back; no questions asked)


    It is difficult to find an apartment that you like and if you have bad credit, it becomes even more difficult. No credit check apartments are even more difficult to find. Finding an apartment is almost like getting a loan from a bank in the sense that just like a lender would want to perform a credit check to find out if you have the means to repay a loan, the landlord or the owner of the apartment would like to know whether you can make the rent or lease payments on time and regularly or not.

    What our clients say

    No more worrying about No Credit Check Apartment options

    Bad credit history? Not a Problem After looking for the apartment of your dreams for several months it is frustrating to be denied of a place to rent because of bad credit history. If you’re looking for apartments in the wrong places then you are definitely going to hit a dead end. If you are especially worried about bad credit history and if you’re worried that it is going to keep you from getting what you want then, there are other options available to you.

    The key to getting an apartment with no credit check or if you have an eviction is to partner up with EZ Lease Rentals and let the legal team work for you. This allows you to get out of the equation and allow an experienced professional deal with your special situation. You may have been told to try working with an independent landlord, or you have tried craigslist. But, the fact still remains: Can you Really Live Anywhere You Want? And, will you always be at the mercy of some landlord that has allowed you to move in, but will be careless about repairs just because the landlord knows that you can not simply move out and find another place to rent or lease.

    Many landlords will try to take advantage of a client or tenant that is seeking bad credit apartments or no credit check apartments. These types of landlords are known as ‘slum lords’. They prey on the people in need of a second chance, and fail to provide repairs or maintenance once they have you in the property. They know you are at their mercy and many will not cooperate. You may have to just deal with this when you seek private landlords and such on craigslist when you search for your no credit check or bad credit apartment.

    Rest Assured You Will Get Approved with No Credit Check

    Why? Because we use OUR credit and financials. You are on the lease as an occupant; you pay NO other fees. You have come to the correct place if you have been looking for a no credit check apartment! EZ Lease is experienced and professional, specializing in representation of credit challenged individuals to landlords and owners EZ Lease will protect you and your interest, regardless of your credit situation.

    We only charge our fee to help you if we can. Call Today! (855) 568-8562 (Toll Free) or APPLY NOW!


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